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Established in 2012, Second Call is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Thoroughbred Adoption and Placement Program committed to the welfare of New Jersey’s retired racehorses. Serving as the exclusive “After Care Program” for Monmouth Park, our mission is to support and ensure that these retired racehorses discover a second calling or profession.

Thoroughbreds entering our program are given the care they deserve. They undergo a period of rest, evaluation, and acclimatization. Subsequently, we partner them with experienced trainers, providing a financial stipend from Second Call, to retrain and prepare these former racehorses for new endeavors. Our utmost priority is to ensure their successful, long-term placements.

Our unique business model concentrates on the local racing jurisdiction that greatly contributes to our communities. Through our collaboration with Monmouth Park and its horsemen, we channel all our resources and efforts where they are most needed. This approach allows us to foster stronger relationships and serve both horses and riders more effectively.

For more information about our core values and the process of placing a horse with us, please refer to our presentation here.

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The Program

Our Stipend Program

At Team Second Call, we firmly believe in granting every horse the invaluable gift of time. Rushing their return to work is never our approach. Our guiding principle within the barn is “slow and steady heals the horse.”

Once a horse has achieved a complete restoration of both physical and mental health, as confirmed by our veterinarian, and is ready for saddle training, we move forward with the retraining process. At this point, we arrange for the horse’s transfer to an accredited 501(c)(3) Thoroughbred program that holds TAA accreditation, specializing in training and adoption.

Upon transfer to the approved program, we provide a stipend of $1,500 for each horse. This stipend is intended to cover the costs associated with the horse’s care and training while they await adoption. The primary purpose of this stipend is to ease the financial burden on the adoption programs, ensuring that our horses receive the necessary care and training as they seek their forever homes.

Additionally, SCTAP kindly requests that the adoption programs share with us all pertinent information, including contact details, concerning each horse’s placement with their new families once the adoptions are successfully finalized.

Take a look at Irish Late Arrival, showcased here at a dressage schooling show. Irish initially faced challenges as a bit of an “ugly duckling” but eventually found his perfect match and a loving, permanent home. After some time, he emerged as a true champion, excelling both on the track and in dressage. And, just for good measure, he’s also quite the jumper!

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