Getting Fast Giant Started

June 21, 2024:  Just getting this guy started. First full hack on Fast Giant! Clearly the name has some Irony. He is certainly a gentle Giant. Not at all fast. He stands about 17’1 and everything on him is hardy. Big chest, solid bone and good feet. Despite being a hefty guy he has a floaty trot and when he does eventually break into canter its like sitting on a cloud. He is wise beyond his years handling him on the ground is like handling a old school horse. First to come up in the field, can even be led with just a rope around his neck, always looking for attention, easy going about learning the mounting block, seems eager to learn about his new job and stands like a gentleman on cross ties, Hes perfect for his trims, easy for the vet, and seems to even like getting his teeth floated. With that all being said he is the farm favorite… So all I can say is if you get the opportunity to meet him…. good luck NOT falling in love.

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