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Fast Giant (MD)

TB, B, G, FOALED MARCH 11, 2021


Who loves big dogs? Here is a fellow with a puppy dog like personality. FAST GIANT… fast? No. Giant yes! Currently standing approximately 16’3 with room to grow with very hardy thick build. Despite his big bones he still has beautiful flattened like movement. “When he does move”. He is extremely gentle and curious and wants to know what you’re up to all the time and what’s that thing you’re trying to chase me with? Are you fixing something in my paddock? Here, let me help. Any kind of attention is good. Spray me with the hose when it’s hot; I’ll stand all day and play with the water. Or even when the blacksmith comes, I feel special getting my feet trimmed. This guy will stand better than most horses in their teens will while you trim feet, brush, or put a blanket on. If you’re short, here’s a tall guy that will naturally bring his head down and put it in the halter for you, so you don’t have to stand on your toes. A short rider’s dream horse!

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Adoption Fee: $2500

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